The New Blue Studio is the photography arm of The New Blue, creating amazing photographs for models, musicians, fashion designers and a wide range of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Originally based in the creative district of East London, London Fields. He's moved on to greater pasturers with his new photography habitat located in Holborn, moments away from the Kripsy Kreme store, which doesn't nothing for his addiction. The New Blue Studio have been fully involved in the culture of creativity and live, breathe and eat creativity everyday, although it is argued they eat other photographers as an occasional snack. :)

The New Blue Studio is fronted by Sheridan Winter (Pictured left), an artistic portrait and wedding photographer born and bred in East London, where he has studied photography both in the classroom and by snapping at his culturally rich surroundings since 2001. over 10 years later, he has become a sought after photographer providing unique, outside the box photographs for all kinds of professions and needs.

And when he isn’t taking photographs, he is teaching young people how to take stunning photographs. Helping to unleash the same burning talent and skills, building up inside of Sheridan those many many MANY (he's really old.haha) years ago.